K.G. Hughes & Associates, LLC MediationK.G. Hughes & Associates, LLC offers Mediation services to assist in conflict resolution among parties in the areas of Corporate/Business Law, Entertainment, Real Estate, Probate, and other related areas.   Our experience, style, ethics, confidentiality and competitive cost structure serves our clients well as they choose mediation as an alternate method of dispute resolution.
We encourage our clients to use mediation as a primary solution to reach equitable results beneficial to all parties.  When you mediate, you directly participate in how your case gets resolved.  We provide mediation services in a comfortable, friendly, and relaxed environment that lends itself to conflict resolution with ease.  We are the neutral “go-between” that can help clients identify the core issues of a dispute so that matters can be resolved faster and easier.

Mediation can achieve a win-win solution towards:
  • Faster resolutions
  • Better party managed outcomes
  • Avoiding adverse rulings by judge or jury
  • Avoiding high litigation costs
  • Avoiding judgments that may affect credit scores