Real Estate Closings

K.G. Hughes & Associates, LLC Real Estate ClosingsK.G. Hughes & Associates, LLC provides a full range of real estate closing services.  K.G. Hughes represents buyers, sellers, investors, lenders and developers in real estate transactions, including Purchases and Sales, Refinances, Construction Loan Closings, Acquisition and Development, Foreclosures and REOs.
K.G. Hughes & Associates, LLC provides a warm and welcoming support staff to assist clients in answering administrative questions, scheduling closings and obtaining document copies.  Our specialty is in managing the closing process in a professional and accessible manner.
We provide quality service from start to finish while keeping the client well informed at all steps along the way via phone contact or email.
Please contact our office at 770-496-0600 for your direct pre-closing liaison.
K.G. Hughes & Associates, LLC takes pride in operating efficient, experienced and responsive Closing and Post-Closing Departments.
Please send Closing Packages to:  To Be Determined by your pre-closing liaison
Please send Post-Closing Requests to:
We recognize that all parties to the transaction require that transactions close smoothly and on time.  Our commitment is that all Closings will be conducted by an experienced and knowledgeable attorney.
Our attorneys and experienced staff are involved with every file from the moment it comes in the door until the file is closed and all relevant documents filed with the county.  This ensures that any potential problems are resolved prior to closing and recording.  Please contact Kim Greene Hughes for any quality concerns at